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These are among the BEST Forums online and I highly recommend you post in them and conclude whatever you post with your new signature ad/files.

My Marketing Forum
This is Mike Filsaime's famous forum. It will link from many of his sites in the future. ListDotCom members are very active in it.

Free Advertising Forum
This is a forum that will let you post your ads. It is a great concept, and worth exploring.

Marketing Study Hall
This is Russell Brunson's Kick Butt Marketing Forum.

Michael Green's How-To Forum
This is one of the best forums for internet Marketers on the entire Internet.

ABlake Forum
This forum as some big names like John Reese and Frank Kern and many others in there all the time. Great forum to check out.

The Warriors Forum
There is another great forum that I think is one of the best. It is called the Warriors Forum. It is a private members forum but you can find it through the search engines.


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